A Consumer Resource

At Alpha Cash Advance, we're proud of the service we offer, but we know that payday loans aren't for everyone. That's why we go to such lengths to educate our clients about consumer safety scams and financial responsibility, and to protect you from fraudulent loan agencies.

It is part of our operating mission to educate each of our customers about the realities of payday loans, credit, and repayment, including the risks and financial repercussions. We also connect our users with regulatory agencies and provide straightforward facts about loans, debts, and financial planning through the Consumer Resource pages of this website.

Our customers appreciate the informative nature of our service. After reviewing this information, some move ahead with our simple payday loan process, while others decide that a cash advance isn't right for them and pursue other loan alternatives. Whatever choice you make, Alpha Cash Advance is here to support you with consumer safety information and guidance.

Because the laws and regulations are different in each state, Alpha Cash Advance has created unique pages with information about each of the 50 states and their unique payday loan rules. Our financial experts have compiled all the information you need in a consumer guide for your area. Click on your state below to learn more about the legal interest rates, maximum loan amounts, and other relevant legislation that may concern you:

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